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Sample Page Law of Torts 

Law of Torts

Below you will find notes, protocols and Case Scenario Practice links. Click on the red highlighted specific notes to read it or print it. You can attempt Case Scenario Practice questions on the specific topic by clicking opposite to  the notes in the Case Scenario Practice section. E-mail us if you any questions ;

                     Notes & Protocols

1. Lesson Plan Understanding of Law of Torts

2. Tort Law Introduction

3. Tort Negligence Part 1

4. Tort Negligence Part 2 Breach

5. Tort Causation

6. Tort Remoteness

7. Tort Policy Factors

8. Tort Pure Economic Loss Part 1

9. Tort Pure Economic Loss Part 2

10. Tort Pure Economic Loss Part 3

11. Tort Nervous Shock Part 1

12. Tort Nervous Shock Part 2

13. Tort Employers Liability Part 1

14. Tort Employers Liability Part 2

15. Tort Defences Part 1

16. Tort Defences Part 2

17. Tort Defences Part 3

18. Occupiers Liability

19. Trespass






Practice Tort Causation

Practice Tort Intro

Practice Negligence 

Practice Remoteness

MCT Practice Policy Factors

Practice Economic Loss

Practice Nervous Shock

Practice Employers Liability

Practice Tort Defences

Practice Occupiers Liability

Practice Trespass