Question A 20 ; The Contract Law basic purpose is to govern the Tems of agreement betwen Parties in a commercial trasnaction through the enforcement of courts. That is why Contract Law and Consumer legislations are made to protect the parties in a Contract.

A1 Knowledge of the jurisdiction, authority and procedures of the legal institutions and professions that initiate, develop, interpret and apply the law of England and Wales and the European Union
A2 Knowledge of applicable constitutional law and judicial review processes
A3 Knowledge of the rules of professional conduct, including the SRA Accounts Rules
A4 Knowledge of the regulatory and fiscal frameworks within which business, legal and financial services transactions are conducted
A5 Understanding of contract law
A6 Understanding of torts
A7 Understanding of criminal law
A8 Understanding of property law
A9 Understanding of Equitable rights and obligations
A10 Understanding of Human Rights
A11 Understanding of the laws applicable to business structures and the concept of legal personality