Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS)


QLTS exam is a very specialised way of examining your skills, which needs proper training and preparations.  We at BCPS believe that this could not be achieved if student is not getting personal attention, live lectures and online exam practice. And providing only handbooks and single Revision session cannot help.
Therefore, at BCPS  we provide individual tutor to every student, and QLTS is studied as a full Course with many lectures in a week at the student available time, in online tuitions you can pick any time and can study from anywhere. The student learn on various aspect of the Course for example in MCT Course ;


With us you can study any time you want on any day of the week.


Download below the Sample Training Documents ;

1. MCT Criminal Law Lesson Plan and Syllabus​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2. Lecture Notes with Key Points Provided in Live online Lecture​​​
​​​3. Protocols to attempt the MCT Criminal Law A7

Visit the QLTS MCT Online Practice Page (sample) ​​​​​




​About QLTS

The Qualified Lawyer Transfer Test (QLTS) is designed for the lawyers who can qualify as Solicitors in England and Wales from recognised Jurisdictions or it is for lawyers who are from outside the United Kingdom such as Lawyers from USA, India Australia etc. Please click here for recognised Jurisdictions List. If your country is in the list you can apply for the Eligibility Certificate to qualify for taking the QLTS exam. You would also need to fulfil the English Language requirement. QLTS can only be best teached online as test involved internet and computing skills. QLTS can also be used by transferring Lawyers within the UK
The QLTS assessmnet is comprised of three parts ;
a. MCT (Multipile Choice Test)
b. OSCE (Objective Structure Clinical Exam)
c. TLST (Technical Legal Skill Test)


MCT (Multiple Choice Test)

What is MCT ?

MCT is multiple choice test in which you will be given 180 multiple choice questions, you would need to attempt the test in morning and evening session, same day within a time of 3 hours each. 180 questions would be from the syllabus which includes Contract law, Tort, Criminal, Land Law, Human Rights Law, Equity, English Legal System, Constitutional Law, Professional Ethics etc.



OSCE (Objective Structure Clinical Exam) 

What is OSCE ?

OSCE is a practical assessment in which you will be examined to demonstrate that you can interview a Client in English for the case history or preliminary examination of case. This will also test your advocacy skills to perform in a court. We also provide support to our student for improving legal English Language, read below as to how we will prepare you for the exam.The OSCE will cover the 3 practice areas ; Business, Civil & Criminal Litigation and Property & Probate.

How We Will Prepare You ?

We will teach you as ;

1. How to use UK legal language in English, this is to make you familiarise the words used in legal profession which will cover 80% of your language skills.
2. Provide you protocols or practical notes to understand the practical steps in advocacy.
3. We will conduct many online interview skills test with you, where you will demonstrate the interviewing skills. For this online mechanism is the best and better way of learning.
4. Advocacy training from the experienced Solicitors and Barristers/Advocates.




TLST (Technical Legal Skills Test) 

What is TLST ?

In this test you will be examined for online legal research, which will allow you to log onto internet and find solution for legal problem in the examination hall. You will be tested for legal writing and drafting which will be on computer using Microsoft Word. The TLST will cover the 3 practice areas ; Business, Civil & Criminal Litigation and Property & Probate.
How We Will Prepare You ?

For this test only on-line teaching is appropriate as the student have to demonstrate his knowledge and experience of using computer, which can be best educated online.

1. You will be given comprehensive notes on the above three areas, so that you should know the subjects.
2. Key points will also be included in these notes.
3. Your tutor will train you and familiarise you about the legal sources available on internet in UK legal sector.
4. You will wrtie many legal letters online and send to us and we will mark it and send back to you so you can see how to improve.
5. We will train you as to how to draft an application, a case or other legal documents including contract  which will be done all on-line in very easy manner.
6. Many mock tests will be conducted online


Why You Should Study With Us

We provide Students our own friendly drafted notes with key points, see a sample

Every Student gets individual Highly Qualified Law Tutor whether taking tuitions or doing a Full Law degree online.

You will be provided timmings according to your needs. 

You can study with us even on Holidays, Saturday and Sundays - What Suits you.....