Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS)

Elibility - QLTS
Eligibility and Entry Requirements
The Entry Requirements for the QLTS Exam is broadly depend upon ;
1. Your Jurisdiction (USA, EU, UK, Other International Jurisdictions).
2. English Language Requirement (Depending upon your Jurisdiction and Your  
    Law Degree).
Is QLTS course is for me ?
If you are looking to qualify as English Solicitor and are currently lawyer in USA, EU, UK, Asia, Australia (see full list of Jurisdiction here) than QLTS is the exam for you. The QLTS exam will help you to qualify as English Solicitor through a short route. BCPS QLTS Course is designed for lawyers/students who are looking to gain full command over English law without leaving their full time Job. BCPS QLTS Course is fully taught online with live sessions and online exam practice.
Certificate of Eligibility
You would need to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility before Solicitors Regulation Authority. You are eligible to apply if you are ;
1. A Qualified Lawyer in Recognised Jurisdiction (see below BCPS Chart).
2. Have Satisfied the English Language Requirement or exempted.
3. You gained Qualification in your Jurisdiction through full route.
4.You are entitled to Practice at the time of Application.
5. You are of a good character and suitable to be admitted as English Solicitor.
Eligibility Certificate Terms
Your Certificate of Eligibility is valid for 5 years only. You would need to pass all the exams within the 5 years. You cannot attempt more than 3 time an exam within the 5 years.
Applying for the Eligibility Certificate
The Application for the Eligibility Certificate will be made to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The Application form will depend upon your Jurisdiction ;
1. If you are a Lawyer in European Economic Area, UK or Switzerland you will use QLTS 1 Form and pay a fee of 400 GBP. Please download the application form and guidance notes below ;
2. All other International Lawyers in recognised Jurisdiction will use QLTS 2 Form and pay a fee of 200 GBP. Please download the application form and guidance notes below ;
Once you have completed the form send it to the SRA with all the supporting documents as required, with all the corroborations. The Application process will be between 1 - 3 months if no further document is required.
For any questions and inquiries on your Certificate of Eligibility you can contact the SRA below ;
The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), Information Services,
The Cube, 199  Wharfside Street, Birmingham B1 1RN, UK
Tel: + 44 (0) 1527 504450