We provide expert tuitions for the AS & A Level Law of Cambridge International Examination. These includes ;

The English Legal System

Law of Contract

Law of Tort

How We Will Teach You

Our online teaching mechanism is simple, less hastle and less cost.

You can choose your own study timmings

Your personal tutor will send the lecture notes in your e-mail inbox by 10 AM of the lecture day

You will be given link of the virtual class room or Skype and you will log in on the lecture time

The lecture notes will be pasted on the lecture board which you will be looking all the time in lecture, this will help you to remember it for long time. All the time in lecture you will listen and see the lecture notes, unlike in class room where you detract yourself by surrounding.

It is researched and proved that student taking online tuitions from us by above method scored good marks and remember the concept and lecture for long time.

The Lecture notes with the detailed lecture will also give you ;

Key Points

Self Assessment Question

And Tutor will also ask you to speak on it for few minutes so we can read your brain, to know whether you have understood it accurately.

Trail Lecture

If still not convinced, we can provide you trail lecture free of cost . Please contact us and fix a time for your free online trail lecture.


Learning online is cheap, comfortable and less hassle.  For Example you do not have to commute or travel to your College or tutor, you will just sit down before the laptop enter the virtual class room and listen and see the live online lecture.

We charge on the basis of full module. That means you do not have to pay hourly basis we will teach you and discuss with you your module in open time round the week or when you are available.


AS & A Level Law