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Criminal Law
English Legal System
Human Rights
Constitution Law
EU Law
Business Law
Contract Law
Property Law
Public Law
LLB Students only do 7 modules as follows ;
  • Public Law, including Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Human Rights
  • Law of the European Union
  • Criminal Law
  • Obligations I Contract and Restitution
  • Obligations II Tort
  • Property Law
  • Equity and the Law of Trusts
HND Students  ;


  • Sources of Law and Judicial Reasoning

  • Contract I: Formation and Contents

  • European Union Law

  • The Law of Trusts

  • Law in Practice III: Introduction to Conveyancing

  • The Law of Tort

  • Land Law

  • Dissertation/Case Study

  • YEAR 2

  • Crime I: General Principles 

  • Public Law I: Constitutional Concepts and Institutions

  • Law in Practice I: Civil &Criminal Courts and Police Procedures 

  • Legal Personnel and Institutions 

  • Contract II: Performance and Breach 

  • Crime II: Specific Offences

  • Public Law II: Constitutional and Administrative Law 

  • Law in Practice II: Introduction to Employment and Discrimination Law