How To Study Online
How We Teach
Studying online is very easy, comfortable and ​effective. You will study in our virtual class rooms which are very easy to operate and manage. You will have access to your own account where you will have list of all the Notes and MCQs. There will also be a Full Modules Page to give you all under control. See Sample Below. These notes are specially designed to understand and gain knowledge. You can also opt to study via SKYPE.

Your All Modules Page (LLB students do only 7) 


Your Law Module Control Page (With Complete Notes and MCQs)


Sample Notes


Sample Scenario Case Multiple Choice Questions

Scenario Questions Practice
At OLT we prepare students for exam fully. You will also be trained on Scenario/Problem questions. You will attempt scenario questions on our website and will write a detailed answer. See a sample page here.

We will also train you in Multiple Choice Questions online if your exam is relevant for this. 

You will do all practice online and can attempt it any time, from anywhere by using  the password.



Why You Should Study With Us

We provide Students our own friendly drafted notes with key points.

Every Student gets individual Highly Qualified Law Tutor whether taking tuitions or doing a Full Law degree online.

You will be provided timmings according to your needs. 

You can study with us even on Holidays, Saturday and Sundays - What Suits you.....

You can Practice online Scenario/Problem Questions for your exams, see a sample here

You can practice  multiple choice Legal Scenario Question online with us, see a sample